Released in 1967, THE GRADUATE is one of the most celebrated and highly influential classics in modern cinema. Truly iconic and utterly groundbreaking in its unique visual style and subject matter, it changed the face of modern film and the minds of expectant audiences.

Deep in the suburbs of Pasadena, a bored, confused and alienated twenty-one year old graduate named Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) awkwardly drifts from moment to moment, in constant turmoil over his lack of direction and the uncertain, impending future. Driven by a desire for experience and desperate to avoid the corporate, deluded and mediocre world of his affluent parents, Benjamin succumbs to the advances of an older woman and begins an affair with the persuasive and enigmatic Mrs Robinson (Anne Bancroft) the wife of one of his father's business partners. But what starts as a farcical fling becomes painfully complicated when Ben finds himself falling in love with her daughter.


• The Graduate: 25 Years Later
• Looking Back - A Movie of the 1960s
• Meeting With Author Charles Webb
• Analysis Of Seduction Scene
• About The Music
• Audio Commentary By Professor Thomas Koebner
• Song Selection
• Trailer

Director: Mike Nichols
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Duration: 106
Languages: English, German
Subtitles: English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, German
Media: Blu-ray
Discs: 1
Region: 2

The Graduate (Blu-ray) NY/Uåbnet (Tysk Cover)

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